Ózd Industrial Park



The Ózd area in the northeastern part of Hungary has long been one of the most significant centres of mining and iron production. With a population of 35,000 the seven hundred year-old city of Ózd is the second largest town in Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén county. Together with the 28 settlements in its environs, near 70,000 people claim to belong to the region.

Ózd is located 160 km from Budapest, and 60 km from each of the three county seats of North Hungary (Miskolc, Eger, and Salgótarján). The town has both public road and railway access. One hundred kilometres of the Budapest-Ózd road is motorway, and 60 km main roads.

The Slovakian border lies just 12 km from Ózd, together with the public road and international railway border crossing. The Polish and Ukrainian borders are also easily accessible. The mountainous environment of the town is rich in natural beauties.

Due to the continuing decline of the branches of heavy industry wich began in the 1990s, new programmes were called for to transform the economic organisation of the region. The Ózd Industrial Park Ltd. has been established on the central area of one time steel industry centre for this purpose.


There were favourable fundamentals to create the industrial park.

ˇ      The former main plant, an area of almost 50 hectares is clearly defined and surrounded by fences;

ˇ      There is a built-up linear infrastructure (electricity, natural gas, water, canalisation, industrial railway, internal telephone system), there are free capacities at disposal, connection to infrastructure network can be solved within 50-200 m distance;

ˇ      The incubation and innovation centre of the region has been built on the premises. Resident service companies (legal, financial, technical, medical, security, etc.) provide a complex information and service background;

ˇ      Near 140 businesses operate in the industrial park, employing near 600 people. Their total annual turnover exceeds 5 billion HUF;

ˇ      The jobs regarding the demolish of non-necessary buildings finished, the rehabilitation of environment is in process;

ˇ      The Area Forming and Regulatory Plan is ready, there is a possibility of buying 5-10000 m2 sites on the free areas;

ˇ      There is a permanently regenerating flexible labour force (flexibly can adopt itself to changeable demands) with well developed training and retraining institutional network;

ˇ      Production and trade cooperation benefits from the proximity of markets along the frontier (central and eastern Slovakia, south Poland, the Ukraine).


Using these advantages and incentives the Ózd Industrial Park seeks to complete the development of the already functioning industrial park which;

ˇ      conforms best to the existing environment;

ˇ      will result he revitalisation and rehabilitation of industrial acivity in the region;

ˇ      contribute to all-round technical modernisation by the introduction of new and updated technologies, and the exploitation of  employment opportunities; and

ˇ      offers joint services, and seeks to develop new types of services (e.g. telecommunication, information, innovation centres, etc.).


Which branches of industry are especially in need?

ˇ      Environmental protection industry;

ˇ      Machine and vehicle industry;

.      Logistics, distribution;

ˇ      Goods transport, packaging;

ˇ      Electronical assemblying, manufacturing;

ˇ      Wooden industry;

ˇ      Plastic industry.


The Ózd Industrial Park invites investors and businesses who, building on cheap labour, a developed infrastructure, regional preferences and incentives, wish to manufacture and produce for the close markets of the neighbouring countries. The Park counts on all businesses interested in the development of a regional frontier centre of transport, depot and commerce. It wishes to co-operate with everyone working on the revitalisation of the region.