Here you can find detailed information about the industrial park


Some of the production and service small and medium sized enterprises  

in the Ózd Industrial Park






Number of employees

   1.   Agrofém 71' Kft.


   2.   Bolyok-Box Kft.


   3.   EMoGÁ Kft.


   4.   Eréval Auditor Kft.


   5.   Fafel Kft.


   6.   FÉMIKSZ Huzalfeldolgozó és Szeggyár Kft.


   7.   Hungaro Invest Kft.


   8.   ÓEKSZ Kft.


   9.   OERG Ózdi Energiaszolgáltató és Kereskedelmi Kft.


  10.  Ózdi Vállalkozói Központ és Inkubátor Alapítvány


  11.  Ózdi Acél-Trans Kft.


  12.  Piramis Kft.


  13.   Spal Kft.


  14.   Stivas Kft.


  15.   Vitkó Security Kft.


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General information on the enterpreneurial environment of Ózd Industrial Park

Property: The area of Ózd Industrial Park that can be offered to investors (15 hectares) is free of all litigation, demand and encumbrances.

Local taxes:

·        Tax on buildings:
a, under 100 m2: - 350 Ft/m2
b, 101-500 m2: - 35.000 Ft and 500 Ft/m2 after the area above 100 m2
c, 501-1500 m2: - 235.000 Ft and 800 Ft/m2 after the area above 500 m2
b, above 1500 m2: - 1.035.000 Ft and 1250 Ft/m2 after the area above 1500 m2

·        Local business tax: 2,0% of the tax basis (a year’s net turnover, plus gained by 50% of income from received interests, minus purchase value of sold goods and value of subcontractors’ performance) of the contractors’ continuous industrial activity on the area of the competent local government.

·        Motor vehicle tax: the yearly tax is 140-345 Ft/kW/year depanding on the year of the production of the car and 850 HUF/year per each commenced 100 kg of the empty weight plus 50% of the loading weight of a lorry.

·        Land tax: has not been introduced.


Allowances by the Local Government:

Settlement of enterprises are helped by the Local Government by accelerated approval proceedings and administrative work.

Central financial support:

For enterprises settling in the industrial parks, both centralised and decentralised inbound/EU sources can be accessed if the conditions of the competition are met.

The Ózd subregion is one of the 48 most disadvantageous regions, region of reconstruction of industrial structure and backwarded from social-economical viewpoint. On the base of this titles the rate (intensity) of support is higher in case of application submitted to area and region development founds and in case of job creating investments plus 10% surplus support can be given. Plus 10% surplus support can be applied for enterprise promotiaon zone and industrial park titles.

Over of these the preferences of Act of Corporate and Divided Tax can be used and in case of employing job seekers salary / wage support can be utilised.

For further information, please contact the Ministry of Economy and Transport.

Additional support can be applied for from regional and county-based decentralised, target-oriented provisions (area development, active employment, etc.).  

Building specifications valid for the area:

In the area of the Industrial Park, production, service and trade buildings, as well as stores can be built. The smallest building plot size is 2000m2. The maximum building height is 12.5m. Maximum 50% can be built over and the minimum green area to be created must be 25%.

From the aspect of air cleanness, the area is classified as protected category 1.


Workforce market

Number of inhabitants of the town of Ózd:


Of that,                 of working age:


work in the town:


commute to other area:

 several thousand



                                   Ózd town


                                   Ózd subregion
                                   (29 settlements)


The number of inhabitants of the surroundings of Ózd (comprising 28 settlements) is 35,000 and the composition is similar to that of Ózd.

About 800 – 1000 young people finish their studies in the secondary school system every year; the Ózd office of the Northern Hungarian Regional Workpower Development and Training Centre has a capacity of starting 15 – 20 courses and they manage to retrain about 500 people.

In the are the culture of industrial workmanship has a past of one and a half centuries. Activities associated with the steel industry have always demanded great numbers of well-trained workforce.

With the settlement of electronical multi companies ( such as General Electric, SAIA Burgess), about 1500 people have acquired the modern technical knowledge. Despite this, even nowadays a lot of skilled workers undertake jobs in the faster developing settlements of the country or abroad.

In case of new constructions, the target should be first of all the group of people commuting from the area and the constantly reproducing youth labour-supply.

Looking for skilled and professional workforce, the towns in the neighbourhood of Ózd (Putnok, Kazincbarcika, Miskolc, Eger and Salgótarján) can be considered as well.


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Charges of the services available on the area of Ózd Industrial Park:

Charges of the services available on the area of Ózd Industrial Park, having a track feature (such as electricity, gas, water supply, sewer, telephone) are based on the servicing companies’ existing tariff systems formed by official price control.

For employing services of non-track feature (such as guarding-protection, reception service, cleaning, etc.) the enterprises settled in the park will have to pay according to the separate agreement with the companies providing the services.

The upkeeper of the park, if settled enterprises should demand, can provide a complex service, including financial, accountant, legal, industrial legal protection, technical, innovation, occupational medical, trade, etc. services, as well as planning and construction services, for the settled enterprises.



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